About Us

We arrange all visas for flight training, accommodation, transportation and meals in Canada.

Our integrated program for International students will allow them to achieve the minimum actual hiring standards to qualify for employment on the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800 with our affiliate companies.

We can arrange English Language proficiency testing over the phone. The Commercial pilot license program we have created exceeds the minimum requirements of two hundred hours and was designed to meet the airline minimum hiring requirements of three hundred hours, one hundred night hours and fifty multi engine pilot-in-command hours. The student training is completed within one year and a new group of students can start every three to four months.

My name is Ken Mischki; I am a former flying school owner and trained on the Airbus A320 and Lockheed L-1011. My partner is Tom Urie. I have known Tom for thirty years as an educator, flight test examiner and friend. Tom and I have taught hundreds of students and many are current airline captains. Our discussions led us to the creation of an intensive all-inclusive accelerated training program for a student who has never flown to achieve the prestigious and coveted position of Airline Captain. All flight training in Canada is with a Canadian Government approved flight training school for International Students and all our student visa holders are entitled to work part time. The optional Airline Preparation Course is taught by one of our affiliate companies.

What sets us apart from other schools is our all-inclusive expanded accelerated program requiring the student to be in attendance for either flight, flight briefings, simulator or ground school training six days per week. In addition to the three hundred and thirty hour program mentioned,We formed an association with Sky Wings Aviation Academy to use their facilities and aircraft. They will teach the flight portion and we will teach the advanced portion of our program which is the first of its type. attend a specific transition course involving additional ground school and an advanced Flight Training Device which is onsite.

This training prepares each student for the successful completion of either their Airbus A320 type rating or Boeing 737 800 Type rating.

Our Team

Clara Program Registrar International Students
Ken Former Flying School Owner & EX-Pilot
Tom Flight Test Examiner

We formed an association with Sky Wings Aviation Academy to use their facilities and aircraft. Sky Wings Aviation Academy will teach the flight program and All flight Training will teach the Airline Preparation Program which is the first of its type.