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Extensive 325 hours flight training plus 700 hours ground training to qualify the student to meet the actual minimum hiring standards.

The flight training program includes the Private Pilot course, the Commercial Pilot course, the Multi-engine Instrument Rating course, the Flight Instructor course and an airline type endorsement course on either the Airbus 320 or the Boeing 737.

We arrange all visas for flight training, accommodation, transportation and meals in Canada for International students to qualify for employment on the Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800. We can arrange English Language proficiency testing over the phone. The Commercial pilot license program we have created exceeds the minimum requirements of two hundred hours and was designed to meet the airline minimum hiring requirements of three hundred hours, one hundred night hours and fifty multi-engine pilot-in-command hours. The student training is completed within one year and a new group of students can start every three to four months.

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